I hear a lot about your “Full Color Image Printing” service. What exactly is it?

Our Full Color Image Printing service is actually a high quality type of heat transfer. However, nowadays the term “heat transfer” has been thrown around quite a bit and not many people realize that there are actually 2 types of heat transfers.

The first type of heat transfer is a high tech digital process which imprints artwork and photographs onto decals, which are then transferred using heat and pressure on to the promotional product. It is able to produce beautifully elaborate imprints, and is capable of gradation, shadowing, the works. This is the type of heat transfer than Cosmo Fiber utilizes for its promotional products.

The second type of heat transfer simply imprints the artwork on a traditional screen, which is then transferred onto the product using heat and pressure. This type of heat transfer is not capable of gradation and shadows, and is not used by Cosmo Fiber.

You can trust that when you use our Full Color Image Printing service, your artwork, no matter how detailed or sophisticated, will transfer flawlessly on to the item.

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